“Framing the Short-Term Strategic Landscape of the UC Tuition Hikes” from Little Red Henski

Little Red Henski contextualizes the battle over tuition at November 18th through 20th Regents meeting at UCSF. You can find the original posting: here

Recently, UC management confirmed that they would vote on Tuesday, November 13th to raise tuition over the next four years a total of 27.5%.

The hikes have been rumored for months and experienced organizers have been expecting further hikes to eventually come since the tuition freeze victory in 2012.

An extremely brief overview of that history is necessary to assess the short term strategic landscape of these hikes, from both the position of management and the position of students/workers.

The 2012 tuition freeze victory was the culmination of consistent statewide organizing of students around the UC budget which properly began in early 2009, and culminated with large actions at virtually every UC campus in preparation for, or in reaction to, the November 2009 hikes which raised tuition 32%.

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