WAU Eight Legged Freak Auxilliary Launches Daring Raid on Regent Blum

In a daring raid today in the Mojave Desert, the Eight Legged Freak Auxilliary of Workers Against the University, inspired by WAU UCI’s call to Eat the Regents, attempted to capture and devour UC Regent and architect of UC privatization Richard Blum.

Though many of Blum’s underlings and bro-ey sports fan allies were taken down in the raid, Regent Blum himself narrowly escaped on a dirt bike while sacrificing his allies to the Eight Legged Freaks.

In a show of solidarity that underscores the interconnectedness of our struggles, the Eight Legged Freaks sabotaged a tanker of gasoline, demonstrating that calls for the UC to divest from fossil fuels will be backed up by militant action.

WAU celebrates the raid and remembers the Eight Legged martyrs who sacrificed themselves for our collective benefit.

Video of the raid is provided below.

UPDATE FROM THE EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS: Those captured did indeed bleed Bruin Blue.


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