The university is not for us. It is not by us. It may be of us but it is not us. We are not the university. We have chanted and raged and planned and struggled and sometimes won under slogans or chants such as “Fight the racist cuts!” “This is what democracy looks like!” “Smaller Classes! Higher Wages!” and “Whose university? Our university!

We can no longer maintain that the university is in any sense ours, not even in the moments we “win.” Our victories are also the moments when our bosses succeed at returning us to work for their university and their benefit – for them. Those are the moments we reproduce our own destruction at the hands of our bosses.

We are against what is against us. If you are capable of recognizing about yourself what the university already recognizes, that the university’s operation constructs you as simultaneously not belonging within it and yet belonging to it, as its property: commodity, industrial implement, product, capital, coats and linen – you are a worker against the university.

If you are employed by the university, it may be easier for you to understand this. The university constantly tries, and often succeeds, in claiming more of your time, energy, and labor while offering less: less time off, less retirement, less compensation, less agency. More management. The university is the head vampire and we are meant to be the vampires that it produces and belong to it.

Not employed by the university? Are you a student here, and do you have loans to pay for your education? The university sees you as a worker, even as it calls you a student, as their profit machine bends time and has you pay for your education receipt with your future wages as a worker. Your presence here is predicated on your existence as a worker, whether or not currently employed. Do you recognize that while you are here, whatever else you are, you are also a worker under these terms? Are you against what is against you?

No loans? Like primary education, the university is concerned with giving you real-world practical common sense 21st economy competitive skills: sitting up straight, completing deadlines, memorizing the views of supervisors, and respecting and obeying authority. Even before the financial crisis of 2008, UC management has been aggressively targeting those programs which pose the highest risk of providing you with the ability to criticize and intervene in your own processing through the university: ethnic studies, gender studies, labor studies, the arts, languages, and humanities statewide. You are still a worker. Are you against this place that is against you? Are you for a thing that sees your existence as something with the potentiality to be something other than the university’s product as either a threat or a waste? Missed business opportunity. Biohazard. Under utilized human capital. Rogue element. Unprincipled component. Uncaptured labor.

Membership in WAU is free and anonymous. There is no centralized WAU politics or positions, no editorial consensus other than the politics of anti. Members are free to publish what they wish. One WAU member may post something completely opposed to a prior posting. One author might post a polemic, another might critique the polemical form. Beyond our own content, we will gather up resources we think are useful against the university where we find them.  We have no desire to replicate ourselves in one another. If you wish to submit something to the site, send it along, we will consider it though some or all members of WAU may choose to also tear it down on this site. Use your name or a fake name, or no name.  Do your thing fellow worker.


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