Blog Posts

November, 2014

November 16th – Rei Terada’s “Predictable” from reclaim UC. Terada explains how UC tuition hikes are predictable from an understanding of UC management’s privatization agenda.

November 17th – WAU UCI’s call to Eat the Regents. A modest proposal!

November 17th – WAU UCLA Content Update.

November 18th – WAU UCLA Calls on Students to WALK OUT on Thursday, November 20th. “The role of managers is to manage. Do not be managed.”

November 18th – Little Red Henski’s “Framing the Short-Term Strategic Landscape of the UC Tuition Hikes” from Little Red Henski. Voice versus power with a historical primer.

November 18th – More on WAU UCI’s Plan to Eat the Regents. WAU UCI’s video will leave you hungering for more!

November 19th – Students Attempt Direct Action at Regents Meeting. Follow reclaim UC for more! reclaim UC provides update from the barricades on November 19th, 2014


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