Sabotaging the Brand: What Happens When You Disrupt a Pep Rally

Action at the bonfire. Photo credit Austin Yu, taken from the Daily Bruin's website.
Action at the bonfire. Photo credit Austin Yu, taken from the Daily Bruin’s website.

Last night, a collection of students from various organizations or not affiliated with anything other than their own desire to be free seized the pyre intended to serve as the focal point for the annual “Beat ‘SC” bonfire and rally.

The students who blocked the pyre on the November, 20th sent the message to administrators and students that business as usual will not continue at the privatized university.

The action, which took place last night over the course of three hours, can be described as an occupation, a reclamation, sabotage, performance art, or all of the above.

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WAU Eight Legged Freak Auxilliary Launches Daring Raid on Regent Blum

In a daring raid today in the Mojave Desert, the Eight Legged Freak Auxilliary of Workers Against the University, inspired by WAU UCI’s call to Eat the Regents, attempted to capture and devour UC Regent and architect of UC privatization Richard Blum.

Though many of Blum’s underlings and bro-ey sports fan allies were taken down in the raid, Regent Blum himself narrowly escaped on a dirt bike while sacrificing his allies to the Eight Legged Freaks.

In a show of solidarity that underscores the interconnectedness of our struggles, the Eight Legged Freaks sabotaged a tanker of gasoline, demonstrating that calls for the UC to divest from fossil fuels will be backed up by militant action.

WAU celebrates the raid and remembers the Eight Legged martyrs who sacrificed themselves for our collective benefit.

Video of the raid is provided below.

UPDATE FROM THE EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS: Those captured did indeed bleed Bruin Blue.

“A Communiqué from the UCSC Occupation of Humanities 2”

The students occupying Humanities 2 at UC Santa Cruz have released a statement.

Solidarity to those occupying Humanities 2 at Santa Cruz, Wheeler at Berkeley. Those on the quad at Davis. And to all in the UC system and beyond that are unmanageable.

If you haven’t bookmarked reclaim UC yet, be sure to do that.

A Communiqué from the UCSC Occupation of Humanities 2

The University of California was once a tuition-free and public institution. Now the students are facing yet another tuition hike. The most recent attempt to raise tuition in 2009 was successfully frozen by the courageous and necessary action of students, yet this week, the UC Regents have approved a 5% tuition increase each year for the next five years. This is in addition to the numerous increases that have occurred since the new millennium which amount to what will now be a 500% increase by 2020. Governors and legislatures have come and gone, and have continually spouted rhetoric without taking any action.

In addition to tuition increases, students face larger class sizes, fewer classes, cuts to student services, and ultimately, are paying more for less education. Of course, these measures disproportionately affects those already marginalized–women, students of color, queer students, and many more. A private business parades in the mask of a public university.

All of these issues and more are a direct result of the failed leadership of the UC Regents, a ruling junta appointed by the governor—yet rebuked in this move even by him!

Privatization threatens the promise of education for all. With this most recent tuition hike, UC students are being crushed; this is just one symptom of a global effort to privatize everything. Our water, lands and studies are being held hostage to further benefit those at the top of a horrifying capitalist economy of accumulation. It extends far beyond the university, from the extraction of natural resources, to the oppression and exploitation of laborers. We are saddled with obligations to work and incur debts at the expense of our humanity and the habitat we depend on. As students, our future labor is put on lien for the privilege of attending a once free, now mediocre, university.

The hypocrisy we face is astounding: the Regents gave 20% raises to a few campus Chancellors just weeks before hoisting more debt onto vulnerable students. Regent Bonnie Ress said they were correcting an “injustice” by bumping people up from $360,000 to $383,000. This would be laughable if it weren’t so disgusting. Never mind that the chancellors are already in the top half percent of income earners in the United States. But with ten CEOs, four corporate lawyers, two investment bankers and merely one student on the board of Regents, it is not surprising that the priorities of this institution are skewed towards the interests of those at the top.

For all these reasons, we are occupying the Humanities 2 building at UC Santa Cruz. We are using the space to do many things: to think, to strategize, to finally meet the fellow students we sit next to every day. Most of all, however, we are simply inhabiting a space that is ours in a world where nothing seems to be for us.

The students here are fed up, but we have not given up hope on one another, and we have not given up hope on you. This message is intended for our fellow students here at UCSC, but it is also for everyone else: we want to hear from alumni; from parents; from the people in our communities; from our fellow students at other UCs; from our young comrades in elementary, middle and high schools; from the workers and teachers who make this university run. We may only be in this building temporarily, but we want to build something bigger, something lasting, and we want all of you to be a part of it.

The Regents have passed their tuition hike, but this is far from over. We are calling on our allies to help us grow: more occupations will surely follow (we don’t know who plans them!), and more strikes, more disrupted meetings, more barricades, more students and allies in the street. All of this not to return to the past, but to build a new future.

We will be unmanageable until such time as there are no managers—until the Regents, tuition, and privatization are washed away in a wave of democracy.


“Man Has Alarming Level Of Pride In Institution That Left Him $50,000 In Debt, Inadequately Prepared For Job Market”

Bruins rule! School spirit brah! U – C – L – A fight fight fight!

Fuck UCLA. Fuck the Regents. Fuck Bruin Pride. This is not a community. This is a brand. Don’t get branded. If you’re going to spout that shit at least cut a deal with management to get a refund on your tuition for serving as a walking advertisement.

And be sure to check out this hard-hitting news from The Onion.

Student Actions Underway at UCLA


An update from the front! Students and workers are marching, disrupting classrooms, and fucking with the Anti-USC rally.

Sitting in the bonfire pit while comrades march the perimeter. Fuck the Regents.



And it continues!

Solidarity to students at Wheeler up in Berkeley and autonomous organizers fucking things up at Santa Cruz!

Statewide Slap-a-Regent Week!


In the spirit of self-care and community healing practices, Workers Against the University at UCLA announces Statewide Slap-A-Regent Week! From here on out whatever week in November contains the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th will be Slap-A-Regent week! If those dates overlap two different work weeks then November becomes Statewide Slap-A-Regent Month!

We spend so much of our time in meetings, setting up tables, responding to emails, doing work that is often thankless and difficult with only dim hopes that it will pay off. We have to face police and supervisors of all kinds, “comrades” and “allies” who are really neither.

We have to explain to families who often don’t or can’t understand that we’re not focused on our studies because we’re protecting the school, and protecting them from costs – costs that they may already be working hard to help pay. We find ourselves in irreconcilable dilemmas of all kinds and we expect ourselves to endure and often we only stop when we’ve been destroyed or burnt out to the point we no longer have the option continuing.

We do it at the expense of our time, of our other priorities, and of our bodies. But during Slap-A-Regent Week you can do it at the expense of a Regent’s body!

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