Did you know that Revenge of the Sith is actually the story of UC privatization with the Jedi representing tenured faculty






“I am not optimistic about tuition hikes” from Free University Coalition

The Free University Coalition (which we’ll refer to fUC) has published a piece challenging UCLA’s new branding campaign, which marks a change in its attempts to erase its own oppressive history by co-opting the history of its own oppressive actions to sell more degrees, in the light of the recent tuition hikes. It is a great read full of great citations. It was also held back by the Daily Bruin for an extended period of time because they didn’t want to publish the word “herstory.” Yeah…

A letter from students and workers “of color” in the Takeover of Humanities 2

Education Should Be Free! is on fire with their letters and statements. The latest one, “A letter from students and workers ‘of color’ in the Takeover of Humanities 2” is a must read.

WAU is for solidarity with all anti-authoritarian organizing, to Autonomous Students at Santa Cruz, and all those working on the problematics of cooptation from within positions of oppression.

Education Should Be Free!

We have met as students and workers “of color” – a racialized category that we recognize as unstable and ambiguous – in the University of California Santa Cruz Takeover of Humanities 2. We exist, we are out here and we have something to say.

Many of us organize with and for a wide-ranging collective called Autonomous Students (AS). When students of color in AS find it necessary to organize autonomously within the group to advance our political goals, we do so. That is because we believe in the revolutionary potential of people of color (POC) autonomy. Autonomy to us means being not just independent from, but also antagonistic to, white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchal power structures. These centers of power include, but are not limited to: the UC president Janet Napolitano, the UC Regents, every UC campus administration, and the armed repressive force of the state and capital, the police, and those that materially…

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“Fuck the Regents and Fuck Jerry Brown Too” from Education Should Be Free

Education Should Be Free! has released a new statement in response to the generally good vibes people have been throwing Governor Brown since he used the UC Regent’s recent 27.5% tuition hike as a backdrop for his image as “defender of the people.”

Brown only differs from the UC Regents on how best to privatize. His record is antithetical to a free, public, and critical education. Brown does not have the power to save the UC. His most powerful threat, the ability to cut state funding to force a reversal in the Regents’ tuition decision, only plays into the UC Regents ultimate plan to increasingly divest and become autonomous from state-funding and accompanying legislative restrictions on how that money can be used. If Brown did have the power to force the UC to change we wouldn’t want him to use it.

Thanks to Education Should Be Free! for starting the real conversation we need to have about Governor Brown.

Education Should Be Free!


Every night this cry rises above the thumping music at Humanities 2. It comes from the collective voices of hundreds of furious but ludic dancers who have come here to retake their university from the forces of privatization and austerity.

Jerry Brown, the governor of California (though for our part, we refuse to be governed) announced his opposition to the tuition hikes several days before the Regents met last week to approve them. Make no mistake though, this was an opportunistic shift: he leapt from a pro-hike to an anti-hike stance when it became clear to him that the people and students of the state of California opposed them.

But we must be clear that Jerry Brown is no friend to the students, or the people, of the state of California. He opposes the tuition hikes even as he supports further cuts to the UC, CSU and…

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