From La Gente: Privatization Disproportionately Harms the UC’s Underrepresented Communities

La Gente has published an excellent article from Todd Lu, UCLA undergraduate, outlining privatization in the context of struggles against patriarchy, mental illness, and white supremacy in addition to capitalism and the preservation of a class society. Be sure to check out the article at the source by clicking here.


“Man Has Alarming Level Of Pride In Institution That Left Him $50,000 In Debt, Inadequately Prepared For Job Market”

Bruins rule! School spirit brah! U – C – L – A fight fight fight!

Fuck UCLA. Fuck the Regents. Fuck Bruin Pride. This is not a community. This is a brand. Don’t get branded. If you’re going to spout that shit at least cut a deal with management to get a refund on your tuition for serving as a walking advertisement.

And be sure to check out this hard-hitting news from The Onion.